An analysis of the roy adaptation model


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This paper presents an explanation of a three-step process for the use of a conceptual model to guide nursing research and/or practice. Step 1 involves learning the content of the conceptual model and its research and practice guidelines. Step 2 requires a review of literature about the use of the.

Roy’s adaption model does a pronounced job in clarifying the role of adaptation in illness and nursing. Dr. Roy included the different types of stimuli, different modes of coping and adapting, and nursing’s role in assisting a patient to adapt (Parker & Smith, ).

Roy Adaptation Model

“Roy built on the conceptual framework of adaptation and developed a step-by-step model by which nurses use the nursing process to administer nursing care to promote adaptation in situations of health and illness” (Alligood & Tomey, ). “Roy built on the conceptual framework of adaptation and developed a step-by-step model by which nurses use the nursing process to administer nursing care to promote adaptation in situations of health and illness” (Alligood & Tomey, ).

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An analysis of the roy adaptation model
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Roy Adaptation Model - Nursing Theory