Bohr s model of atom

Electron Transitions

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Bohr model

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What Is Bohr’s Atomic Model?

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About ten years after Bohr had developed his theory, de Broglie showed that the electron should have wavelike properties of its own, thus making the analogy with the mechanical theory of standing waves somewhat less artificial. Niels Bohr and Paul Ehrenfest (with his son) at Leiden train station (Holland) in Credit: Courtesy of the Niels Bohr Archive, Copenhagen Niels Bohr's atomic model was utterly revolutionary.

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How Bohr’s Famous Model of the Atom Was Created

Choose from different sets of bohr model flashcards on Quizlet. Bohr incorporated Planck’s and Einstein’s quantization ideas into a model of the hydrogen atom that resolved the paradox of atom stability and discrete spectra. The Bohr model of the hydrogen atom explains the connection between the quantization of photons and the quantized emission from atoms.

On the Constitution of Atoms and Molecules Niels Bohr* Philosophical Magazine Series 6, Volume 26 Julyp. Bohr's model explained why hydrogen, the simplest atom, emits and absorbs light only of certain frequencies depending on the difference in energy levels of the orbits between which the electron moves.

Bohr s model of atom
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