Cogeneration plant

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Lakewood Cogeneration Plant

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Cogeneration / Combined heat and Power (CHP)

Cogeneration is a highly efficient process that uses one fuel to generate. Cogeneration describes the simultaneous production of electricity and thermal energy using a single fuel source.

Cogeneration at the Capitol Power Plant

Cogeneration, or cogen for short, also called Combined Heat and Power (CHP), consists of a number of components including a prime mover, generator, heat recovery system, and thermal distribution system.

Pros and cons of CHP cogeneration.


The efficiency advantages of CHP speak for themselves, but there are environmental benefits too. Every tonne of fossil fuel we avoid burning stops carbon dioxide from entering the atmosphere and reduces, just a little bit, the problem of global warming.

Did You Know? Cogeneration is basically the production of energy and usable heat (generally in the form of steam and hot water) in the same plant, usually by capturing heat that in older plants. Get directions, reviews and information for Lakewood Cogeneration Plant in Lakewood, NJ.

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Cogeneration plant

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Cogeneration plant
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