Contribution of ngos

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Non-governmental organization

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Assess Contribution of Ngos to the Community

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1. Introduction. Non-governmental Organizations (NGOs) play an important role in the economic development of developing countries.

Assess Contribution of Ngos to the Community

They provide services to society through welfare works for community development, assistance in national disasters. Contribution by the NGO major group sector. on Africa and sustainable development. Submitted by: African NGOs under the editorship of. Nowadays Non-Governmental Organizations or NGOs have become an extensively discussed theme in the third world countries as well vastly in social business world.

Bangladesh is no exception. The NGOs have appeared as the savior of countless number of people without food, cloth, education and basic health facilities. Bangladesh is one of the top thirteen underprivileged countries.

Support for Enlarging the Contribution of NGOs Over the years, there has been a growing movement to enlarge the participation of the NGOs in the work of the U.N.

Successive Secretaries-General have strongly urged an increasing role for NGOS.

Contributions to NGOs

The contribution of Non-Governmental Organizations to imple-mentation of the Political Declaration and Action Plans adopted by the 20th United Nations General Assembly Special Session.

2 NGOs, the committee contributes to the work of the UNODC, provides information on NGO.

Contribution of ngos
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Enlarging the Contribution of NGOs to