Decision making model

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Our unique decision making model captures created knowledge that can be reused

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Decision-Making Models

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Decision-making models

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Critical Decision-Making Model (CDM) for use by patrol officers in managing critical incidents, especially those involving subjects who not armed with firearms and who may be experiencing a mental health or other crisis.

Handout on Moral Decision Making. Sources: Catholic Faith, Life, & Creed │ Moral Decision Making │ │ McBrien, Richard P., Catholicism.

The National Decision Model is a risk assessment framework, or decision making process, that is used by police forces across the country. It provides five different stages that officers can follow when making any type of decision and it was meant as a replacement for the Conflict Management Model.

The opposite of intuitive decision making is rational decision making, which is when individuals use analysis, facts and a step-by-step process to come to a decision.

Managers have to vary their approach to decision making, depending on the particular situation and person or people involved. The above steps are not a fixed procedure, however; they are more a process, a system, or an approach.

Consensus decision-making is a group decision-making process in which group members develop, and agree to support a decision in the best interest of the whole. Consensus may be defined professionally as an acceptable resolution, one that can be supported, even if .

Decision making model
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