Why might financial information be important to potential creditors investors and employees

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The Wide-Reaching Impact of Financial Statement Fraud

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Pears stockbroker fraud also fall under financial situation fraud?. In addition to the credit report, lenders may also use a credit score that is a numeric value – usually between and – based on the information contained in your credit report. The credit score serves as a risk indicator for the lender based on your credit history.

Financial Statement Fraud

Task: Analyze the information contained in the company's balance sheet and income statement to answer the following questions: Considering all the information you have gathered, why might this information be important to potential creditors, investors, and employees?

Prospective investors need information to assess the company's potential for success and profitability.

The Reality of Investment Risk

In the same way, small business owners need financial information to determine if the business is profitable and whether to continue, improve or drop it. 2.

Financial statement

Management. In small businesses, management may include the owners. Risk is any uncertainty with respect to your investments that has the potential to negatively affect your financial welfare.

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For example, your investment value might. Accounting that provides information to people outside the business entity is called financial accounting and provides information to both current and potential shareholders, creditors such as banks or vendors, financial analysts, economists, and government agencies.

Intermediate Accounting Chapter 1. STUDY. PLAY. financing activities. the process of communicating financial accounting information to existing and potential future investors, creditors, lenders, and other external decision makers.

principals. why is financial reporting important?

Why might financial information be important to potential creditors investors and employees
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